Co-Designing Technology With Children

Over the last couple of weeks/months, I’ve been thinking about analyzing participatory design outcomes together with my colleague Maarten Van Mechelen. As he writes on his blog: “design researchers […] often limit themselves to a descriptive analysis of co-design artifacts or rely exclusively on what participants say or write about their creations”. Indeed, the artifacts … Continue reading Co-Designing Technology With Children


On May 20, I gave a presentation at the yearly SuperMinds event, an event targeted specifically at iMinds researchers. The talk, entitled ‘Smart Technology and Stupid Users (or the Other Way Around)’ was about the importance of interaction design in the development of smart systems. Here’s the abstract: ‘Smart’ has become a key term in today’s … Continue reading SuperMinds!

Disappearing Technology, Cultural Interfaces

Some thoughts on Mark Weiser’s ubiquitous computing/disappearing technology, and the move to a more cultural approach to user experience and user interfaces. In my PhD work, I draw upon cultural studies and other ‘humanities’ disciplines to approach human-computer interaction. Therefore, I often think about the role of technology within culture, and how everyday use of … Continue reading Disappearing Technology, Cultural Interfaces

Siri as the Dominant Female

I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing something with speech interaction in my PhD work for some time now. I will probably spend some time in the next period thinking about how to do that – as an exploratory, more playful stab at figuring out speech interaction, I’ve put together a short evaluation of … Continue reading Siri as the Dominant Female