On May 20, I gave a presentation at the yearly SuperMinds event, an event targeted specifically at iMinds researchers. The talk, entitled ‘Smart Technology and Stupid Users (or the Other Way Around)’ was about the importance of interaction design in the development of smart systems. Here’s the abstract:

‘Smart’ has become a key term in today’s technology: digital devices are increasingly getting better  at responding to people in an intelligent way. We all have smart devices that track our behaviour, and use that information to anticipate specific situations, react intelligently, and even talk to us. In a world with devices that understand us and know what we mean, the gap between dumb technology and smart people seems to be narrowing. What does this mean for the design of our technology? Jan Derboven will discuss user control and transparency in the design of smart technologies today, and in the future.

14050888228_9640c2a7ce_o (1)


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